Thursday, October 08, 2009

Perfect Chemistry By: Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry is a must read for those who like to read teen love stories. The story takes at Fairfield High School in the suburbs of Chicago. A cheerleader, Brittany Ellis, and a local Blood gang member, Alex Fuentes, find themselves to have more in common then they thought.

Brittany is a rich cheerleader with the quarterback football player Collin, and parents who she rarely gets to see. Brittany works really hard to keep her outer image as perfect as possible. She has the latest trends, her hair, makeup, body are perfect, and she hangs out with the most popular crowd. However, she keeps her not so perfect life at home to herself. Her twenty two year old sister had a disability were she needs to be watched twenty four seven, her mother is a perfectionist, and her father spends most of his time at work whether he's at the office or at home.

Alex Fuentes is a Blood gang member. His father was also in the gang and he was shot when Alex was just seven years old. Since then Alex decided to join in order to protect his mother and two brothers and find out who killed his father. All his friends are affiliated with the gang. His " girl" is Carmen, a beautiful but mean girl who is also part of the gang and has problems being faithful. Alex is truthful to his gang and never lets anything get in his way. He strong, handsome, smart, and he is a womanizer. He lives in the lower class suburbs and his whole town is run by the head gang member, Hector.

When these two very different people are paired up in chemistry class Brittany cannot believe it. She hates him while Alex places his bet with his friends to see if he can get in her pants by the end of their senior year. However, plans change when Alex and Brittany soon begin to find that they have more in common than they thought and they find truth and comfort within themselves. From Brittany's boyfriend Collin, to Alex's Blood family, they both find themselves through many obstacles. Will Brittany be able to stop being such a perfectionist and show her true self? Will Alex quit the blood and go to college for the one he loves? Through the many obstacles that are put in front of them , find out if there love can surpass these obstacles, or if it will end in complete tragedy. GV

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