Monday, October 26, 2009

Doomed Queen Anne By: Caroline Meyer

This is a Historical novel that appeals to teens that are interested in History from the early 1500's during King Henry the VIII reign. The King was obsessed in having a male that would carry on as heir to the throne in England King Henry the VIII was married to a Queen Catherine, who only bore a female Mary.King Henry VII was always trying to get his marriage annuled, so he could marry whomever. The problem for King Henry VIII he had to get authority directly from the Pope in Rome concerning annulment from Queen Catherine. King Henry VIII had a roving eye, when the female was good looking, and able to bear children. In fact, the King had mistresses, who had children out of marriage, who were not considered to be heir, or in line for the throne.

When Anne tried to be noticed by King Henry VIII it took a long time . First of all, Anne did not have appeal, or looks for the King to be attracted to Anne. Anne was awkward, and also had a 6th finger on her hand. Another big problem, was Anne didnot go to bed with the King untill she was married. Finally Anne gave in, and because of this she became pregnant, and had a baby girl named Princess Elizabeth, who took the tittle Princess of Wales. Queen Anne was crowned, but she had two pregnancies, but lost the babies and they were females.
Towards the end of the novel King VIII is tired of Anne so she is ordered to be beheaded.
The novel is a good read and I recommend it.

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