Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Call Me Henri By:Lorraine Lopez

This novel depicts a middle school boy, who faces abuse by his Step-Father Juan, but keeps up his good grades at School. Henri at times at the Peralta Middle School, which could be any place in the United States.
Henri's Mom works in a tortilla factory, and leaves her triplets to be minded by her second husband, Juan who is an alcoholic.
When Henri comes home from school he takes care of his brothers . He feeds them, and changes them. This means that Henri is not able to participate in after school activities.
Henri has a dream, and desire to drop his ESL classes, an d start learning French. He would like to be immersed in French. Henri is barely missed when he is barely shot in a drive-by shooting. The only problem is that Henri saw the shooter's face that he recognized as "Pirata" from School. Now Henri has a dilemma . The shooter, "Pirata," now is looking for Henri to ask many questions with what happen that day. Now Henri is a walking has he trys to avoid Pirata.
Fortunately, Henri was able to switch from ESL classes, to French classes, which was his dream.
The French teacher, Monsieur Nassour, arranged for Henri to spend 1 year in Montreal,Quebec Canada to learn French. Henri will live with a French Canadian family.
Henri had a dog he loved called D0g. Before leaving for Canada he gave his dog to an older lady who loves the dog too.
The novel is really worthwhile to read and I recommend very much.

LRD 10/20/09

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