Sunday, August 22, 2004

Story Time - Edward Bloor

George and Kate are promised the best education when they attend Whittaker Magnet School, which is in the same building as the library. The schools curriculum is based on beating standardized tests of other states, and the teachers are named only by the subject and grade they teach, like Science 6 or Math 8. The classrooms are dreary and windowless. The students are seated by how well they do on tests, from highest to lowest. The parents favor their own children over the others. There is also a librarian who only speaks in nursery rhymes. But behind all of this there is a demon being let loose on the faculty and staff of Whittaker Magnet school. Who is doing it and why? Does it have something to do with what happened ten years ago in the library, when an adult and ten children were possessed by a demon during story time. When the First lady of the United States comes to visit everything comes out into the open, and there are no more secrets. Bloor combines the state of education in todays schools with mystery to write an exceptional novel. This is one book that will not disappoint the reader.

Tom Burnham

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