Saturday, October 16, 2004

The History of NationsMexico Ed.Adriane Ruggiero

The country of Mexico is a rich culture,& unusual history, & civilizations. Many native Indian groups were developing before Mexico gained it's independance from Spain. Mexico was under Spanish rule till 1821. The interesting fact is that Hernan Cortez the Spanish conquerer of Mexico arrived on Mexican soil in 1519, & returned to Mexico in 1521 better prepared.

I would like to present to the reader the Maya Civilization that were people who never were unified in their politics. The Mayans were advanced in sports. They had ball courts way back then. Mayans were cruel too, they took their enemies for sacrifices to their gods. The Mayans believed the supernatural guided their lifes.

The Mexican people are a mixed race, & Mexico has a population of 8 million. Many people are illiterate because poverty runs rampart. The country was under a dictorship party for 40 years. The Mexican people voted recently for President Vincent Fox, & let us hope he will run the affairs democratically.

This book is fantastic, & I do not have have time to go deeper into this History of Mexico. I have lived in Mexico.


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