Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Life of Pi By: Yann Martel

This novel starts out slow moving, and ends up so exciting. The action takes place in a lifeboat, where we have one human, and three animals. trying to survive a ship wreck four days out of the port of Manila, Philippines. It is quite an ordeal to read, and feel the way Pi the main character is able to manage his food, and water intake. Pi resorts to eating fish, and even turtle meat. The three animals on board the small lifeboat
are a zebra, hyena, and a bengal tiger. Imagine being capsized in the Pacific Ocean for more than six months
without being rescued by another ship, or any other rescue vehicle.

One's imagination runs wild when exposed to the open sea. This situation is desperate day after day. You begin to see visions, and things that come to your mind of hope, and belief, that really is not there. You dream of things that are not realistic. In the end, the lifeboat lands on land, and the animals are dead, but the human Pi, survives the whole experience.

This is an excellent book for teens, and adults.


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