Thursday, February 02, 2006

Red Rider's Hood - By Neal Shusterman

Red likes to ride around his tough urban neighborhood in his mustang. One day his mother asks him to take some "bread" (money) over to his grandma's house. When he arrives to discover her house has been broken into by a gang known as the Wolves, and his grandma mugged by them. After this happens Red decides to befriend Cedric, Marvin, and the other Wolves and joins them as a pledge. As the days go by Red learns that the members of the Wolves gang are actual werewolves. He learns that his grandmother is a werewolf hunter who helped rid the town 40 years ago of a group of werewolves lead by Cedric's grandfather. He also learns the real reason why his grandfather died. Can Red, his Grandmother, and Marissa (Marvin's sister) defeat the wolves? Or will Red betray his Grandmother and join the Wolves?

Tom Burnham

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