Monday, May 08, 2006

Under the Jolly Roger. By: L.A. Meyer

This book is a sequel to Curse of the Blue Tatoo. It relates once again to Jacky Faber, our main character in both books. This time she finds herself against her will aboard a ship where the Captain of the ship makes advances towards her sexually. Jacky is fortunate in that the Captain is ill, and dies. In the mean time, Jacky convinces the sailors to her side, which makes her gain command of a ship in the Royal Navy. In between time, Jacky encounters many adventures. She Jacky makes the rank of Liet. in the Royal Navy by Captain of a ship she was on.

In the end, Jacky Faber was known as a pirate throughout the seas. She was caged in the hold of a ship, and taken to London, England to the gallows. I am not letting you know why, because you need to read the book to find out. Did Jacky Faber escape ?

LRD 5/8/06

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