Friday, January 11, 2008

Saints of Augustine - P.E. Ryan

Sam and Charlie two best friends who suddenly stopped being friends. They have avoided each other at school and in the mall. Each of their lives has changed over the last year. Charlie has been smoking pot and is going out with Kate. He lost his mom to leukemia and his father has become a depressed drunk. Sam on the other hand has had his parents split up and his dad move to London on business with his partner David. He is also trying to figure out if he's gay. As the story progresses Sam meets Justin, who is gay, and they click almost instantly. They go out on a "date" and when Justin drops him off he kisses Sam, and his mother sees them. Charlie on the other hand has his dealer comming to collect $500 for the pot, and has his girlfriend break up with him because of him smoking pot. The dealer and one of his associates come and bust Charlies car up. Everything comes to a head when Sam runs over to Charlies house and they hide away in the house Charlie is renovating. It is there that they start to mend their friendship. They each tell each other whats been going on the last year and Charlie finally finds out why Sam and him stopped being friends.

Overall I really did enjoy this book. I really hadn't read any book recently with a gay character in it, and you really don't know one of the characters is gay until you are about a quarter to half way into the book.

T.B. 1/11/08

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