Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tamar by Peet

England 1995
An elderly man put his ailing wife in a nursing home and committed suicide. He left behind a box of clues for 15-year-old Tamar to follow. What is missing is the old man's past while in Holland during WWII and Tamar's father who left many years ago without explanation.

In the box are maps of the river Tamar is named for and memorabilia from Holland 1944-1945. Tamar follows the maps with the help of a distant "cousin" for whom she has romantic inclinations.

Readers follow Tamar as well as the story of two resistance workers, undercover in Holland who loved the same woman and tried to help the Dutch win against the Nazi's.

At the end of her journey Tamar learns the tragic truth she could never have imagined.

Part love story and part historical fiction this is a wonderful fast paced story.


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