Monday, May 18, 2009

Paper Towns by John Green

Margo Roth Spiegleman and Quentin had been playmates and neighbors as kids. In high school though Margo was a popular cheerleader and party goer. Quentin was quiet, studious, geeky and prone to being bullied. Until the night, shortly before graduation when Margo climbed into Quentin's bedroom through the window and asked him to go with him to do 11 things before the night was over. Some possibly illegal. It was a wild time in which both learned much about their secret lives and desires. After it was over, Margo vanished. She'd vanished before, each time leaving a trail of odd clues to unravel. Quentin decides to decipher the clues and find Margo. But, they seem to point to suicide and he fears he will instead find a body. As Quentin searches he learns more about Margo Roth Spiegleman the real girl behind the fake facade he thought he loved. This just won the Edgar Mystery Award for the teen age group. It is a touching, sad sad story. Read it!

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