Sunday, March 14, 2010

Malice - Chris Wooding

Malice, an underground comic who's existence is spread by rumor among kids. As the story opens, Luke and Heather are among the ones who get a copy of Malice and read it. Luke collects six items to summon Tall Jake to take him into the comic, or so the rumor goes. When Luke begins to act strangely, and then disappears the next day, Seth and Kady worry that something is wrong. They get their hands on the next issue of Malice, and find out that Luke is now in the comic. Seth and Kady head and visit Henry Galesworth, who along with his brother were taken by Tall Jake into Malice. Henry returned but with no memory of ever being there. Kady hypnotizes him so he can remember what happened to him in Malice. When they get the information they need, Seth decides to go and get Luke back. After he's gone there, Kady does some more investigating of the distributor of Malice. She finds an issue of Malice with Seth in it confirming what she feared. She also finds out that Tall Jake, Miss Benjamin, Icarus Scratch, and Grendel are responsible for drawing and distributing Malice, and making it a rumor for the kids to spread around. Kady decides that the only way to rescue Luke and Seth by going into Malice. Can Kady get Luke, Seth, and the other kids out of Malice or will she become trapped there as well? To find out read the sequel Havoc, which comes out on May 3rd, 2010, according to Amazon.

I absolutely loved this book. The story keeps you interested till the end, and I loved that parts of the book were in comic book format. It also had that nice mixture of action/adventure with horror added in, which made it an enjoyable book to read.
T.B. 3/14/10

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