Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Livvie lived here by Dooley

This is a slight entry in the growing list of novels trying to depict what it is like to be "on the autism spectrum". So Livvie is autistic, perhaps rather high functioning. She attends a special school where she gets along with some students and not others. She has tantrums so violent that she has caused her family to be constantly looking for a new rental home they can live in til the next time. Livvie has two sisters, she is middle. Her peculiar needs force her sisters to room together, rather unfair since she has her own room and there is some resentment. The story revolves around Livvie's day to day life and peculiarities and her attempts to find her family a new place to live since their current lease is not being renewed and Livvie knows it is her fault.
The author only sometimes keeps to Livvie's voice, other times slipping into her school teacher role. Dooley is a special education first and a writer second. I would pass on this one. A story, often overlooked, that does a good job of showing what could be for those on the autism spectrum is THE SPEED OF DARK by Elizabeth Moon. JDW6/14

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