Saturday, July 09, 2011

Once By Morris Gleitzman

This novel recalls to me some historical facts I studied in School, which could have taken place during Hitler's regime. It was a time when Jews were persecuted, and finally exterminated. Jewish children were shot, and no question asked. This novel is about a boy Felix who was placed in a Catholic orphanage for about seven years by his parents. Felix is Jewish, and runs away from the orphanage, and goes on a journey through Nazi occupied land. Felix left the orphanage to search for his Mother, and Father. Little did he know his parents were dead.Felix on his long trek to safety, he saw a house burning, he rescued a girl Zelda, also Jewish, from the home. Felix saw no other people in the home that were alive, so he left with Zelda the young Jewish girl he rescued.

Felix was very imaginative, and could tell stories to grownups, or children too. Felix had a very creative mind could entertain children as well as adults with stories. Felix and Zelda arrived in a town where there are other Jewish people huddling around, where the Nazi soldiers are gathering together. Felix and Zelda have eaten all the bread they had had. Felix feels weak, and has a fever, and collapses on his knees. A man on the street has compassion on Felix, and takes him to a secret house where Jewish orphans live. Zelda is sick now with a fever & is not able to eat.
This special house was a factory with machines. The soldiers one day decide to check the house,
and the cover of the Jewish orphans is uncovered.

This novel is good. I recommend.

7/9/11 LRD

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