Saturday, September 24, 2011

Black Heart Crypt by Grabnestein

This is a creepy story perfect for Halloween. Its rated for middle school readers. There are a couple of pretty gruesome scenes in it that may make it unsuitable for some of the younger tweens. Its perfect for 7th & 8th graders. Zack Jenning's dog Zipper chases something into a nearby graveyard where Zack witnesses an eerie conversation among ghosts. He can see ghosts you see. He is from a long line of relatives who could see ghosts. His father chose to give up his gift. A short time later there is a ghost attack in a hardware store and father calls in his three gifted aunts for help and protection. Halloween is fast approaching and ghosts can wreck havoc on Halloween night and something is clearly afoot. The twelve notorious Icklebys escape from the crypt in which they have been locked for a long time. Their goal is to kill the boy Jennings in revenge for having been locked up in a crypt by his great aunts. There is some implausible, doesn't work for grown-ups stuff in this story but I think it will work just fine for kids. Zack, his grandpa (a ghost and nephew to the three aunts), and his aunts battle to send the notorious Icklebys ( twelve or is it thirteen of them) on their way forever, to get back Norman Ickes' stolen body from his distant relatives and generally restore peace. Go ahead read by sage candle light, the ghosts will leave you alone, I promise! JDW 9/24

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