Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kill You Last By:Todd Strasser

Three girls have gone missing. All have connections to the same photography studio/modelling agency. This novel has all readers guessing right to the end, who murdered the girls. This novel has many possibilities of a plot that are very interesting. Shelby's Dad started a model agency in Soundview but business was not flourishing. Shelby, a teen in High School is shocked that her Dad is a principal suspect with the police regarding the missing models. But, she is also aware that he has looked at some of her girl friends in weird ways, made creepy statements and asked inappropriate questions about them. Then the police questioned Gabriel, who is the assistant of Shelby's Dad at Soundview. Gabriel had even dated some of the models, but did no harm to them. In a scam run by Shelby's Dad and his office manager, Janet girls were picked out at shopping malls and offered a chance to become models then charged more money than they should have for their photo shoots, and did not use the girls. In fact, the Dad would date girls who wanted to be models. Shelby's Mother had mental problems, and caught her husband alone with a model. This put her in a rage, and she also hit with a baseball bat for no reason. Shelby's Mom is a suspect too. Then there are the mysterious threatening e-mail messages and is Whit really all that he says he is, the way he keeps popping up unexpectedly.
The novel was fascinating, and I enjoyed the novel.
LRD /12/28/11

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