Saturday, January 21, 2012

Scones and Sensibility by Lindsay Eland

This novel is a slightly overdone comedy of errors that tries to be unique and quirky but sometimes come across with too much flavor for my palette.

Polly is in love with the romances of Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice. Lost in those worlds right down to her dress and speak, Polly takes it upon herself to insure that this summer all those around her are happily in love. She decides it is up to her to find a love connection for her best friend Fran's father, two elderly neighbors, and her sister (although her sister already has a boyfriend, but Polly doesn't approve). While working deliveries for her family's bakery, she's on the prowl for future spouses, using yummy bakery goods to seal the deals. Some cases work and some - or most - go horribly wrong when Polly refuses to admit that maybe she doesn't know what's best for others.

While this story has been done before, the predictability of the scenes is not as troublesome as the main character. Her obsession with these two novels was cute at first but quickly became annoying. If the reader doesn't have background knowledge of the two books, it might take away from the charm. Beyond the way she talks and tells the story, she's so oblivious that you wish someone would stand up and give her a reality check she desperately needs. Even when it finally comes, she doesn't completely learn her mistakes. I personally didn't find her a very likable character - she interfered too much for me to hope she succeeded.

The story itself works as a comedy of errors but the main character is a little too sweet and quirky for my taste buds. If an off-the-wall matchmaking book is what you're looking for, though, this book will satisfy your needs.

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