Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Lucky One

Logan Thibault a US marine during his third tour in Iraq he finds a photograph of a young smiling woman. He brings it to the base camp, for someone to claim it, but after several weeks of being posted and with no owner in sight the photograph becomes a lucky charm for this young marine. His very good friend Victor insist, there is a reason why he found this photograph.

When they return to the United States Logan simply cannot stop thinking about the photograph and the girl. Is Victor who gives Logan the idea to go in search of the girl in the photograph. Logan ponders about the ludicrous idea, at the end he decides he will begin his endeavor. Zeus, a German Shepard, and his only companion during the trip, walk from the state of Colorado to North Carolina.

Finally they arrive to North Carolina, but Logan does not know who to start the search, where to look? How to ask? Who to ask? He does not want people to think is just a reclused person that just came out of nowhere and start looking for a random person. He works around his hindrances and he finally finds her.

When Logan finds Elizabeth he learns she is a young single mother, who helps her grandmother with a small business. The excuse Logan uses to come up to her is to ask for a job, this is how they began to know eachother. The attaction he feels towards Elizabeth, Logan never tells her about the photograph, he keeps it a secret. They fall in love, they know they are happy together and this is what they have always been waiting for. But Logan's secrets perils their love and their loved ones.

I enjoy reading how Sparks filled this book with suspence it feels like you cannot put the book down, because you cannot wait for the upcoming chapters. Also is filled with love, passion and romance this book makes me think everyone has a soulmate but is up to us to find it. To take the iniciative and start searching for our own happiness. One more thing that I enjoy was the end, the end is unexpected!! Unexpected in the sense that every single character has a part in the twisted end. This book has been made into a motion picture and is coming out in the upcoming weeks. Finally all I have to say is that I cannot wait for the movie and go see it and hope is as great as the book.


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