Monday, July 23, 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo By: Luca Caioli

Was born and raised on the Island of Madeira which is about 860 kilometers from Lisbon, Portugal. Cristian comes from a poor family. His Father is a gardener for the town where Cristian was born. His Mother Maria Dolores cleaned houses in Paris, France.

Cristian when he was twelve years old he tried out for the team " Sporting of Lisbon" that is was huge achievement. Cristian was a great idol of the masses, who was the most loved, and talked about player in the world.

Cristian next played on the English Team that is known as the Red-Devils from Manchester, England.

Cristian became the best goalie in the Portuguese League. Cristian wore on the back of his soccer shirt #28. Cristian's Mother suffers a lot of emotions when her son is playing soccer. Cristian has a new Coach called Fernando Santos from Turkey. When Cristian was on a English Team his Number on his soccer team was # 7.

Cristian returns to Yakarta for a dinner to raise money with the Veep of the Soccer Team for his Dad, whose name is Dinis Aveiro who was 50 years old, who dies in a Hospital in London. Meanwhile, Cristian was in Moscow. Cristian returns to his home town , Madeira for the funeral of his Father.

Cristian is thirty years old, so he then returns to London, and a woman accuses him of assulting her sexually in his Hotel Room .

April 22/2007 Cristian is nominated the best player of the year. Cristian had a convertible that was very showie.Cristian decides to quit the team and leave Manchester United Soccer Team. Cristian is offered to play on the Team in Madrid. Cristian goes to Madrid's Team July 1, 2009. On his new Team he plays for Madrid, and his Soccer shirt on the back is #9. Cristian wears a crucifix around his neck as he descends from the plane, and arrives in Madrid, Spain.

Cristian goes directly to a Clinic to get his right ankle checked. Cristian cannot play soccer for 3 - 4 weeks. The scandal paper in Paris claims that Paris Hilton was the girl friend of Cristian. Portugal soccer team, and Spanish soccer team were the two teams the public wished Cristian would consider.Cristian had a baby, but didnot want anyone to find out the Mother.

Pepe Jeans were represented by Cristian Ronaldo Co. from London,England.

Soccer is a group game where the teammates on the team help each other.

Cristian plays defense for the Valencia, Spain. His nickname is Messi, who is the world's best player of the world. Cristian is also a good singer. He does jingles for adds which bring him money.

Cristian retired from soccer, but so far does not want to be a coach for any team. This novel is a good read. LRD

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