Thursday, August 30, 2012

Darth Paper Strikes Back: An Origami Yoda Book by Tom Angleberger

This is the second book of a cute and quirky series. If you are a Star Wars fan you will probably enjoy this book more than the average reader.

In the previous book a kid named Dwight created an origami finger puppet of Yoda - a wise character from Star Wars. Students started going to Origami Yoda for advice and he soon became a huge hit and brought people together. In this book, something Origami Yoda said leads to Dwight being expelled and possibly sent to another school. This book is then a "case file" or a series of arguments and stories as to why Dwight should not be sent to another school. The stories detail how Dwight and Origami Yoda have helped different students deal with difficult situations. In the meantime, Harvey -who is somewhat of a bully - interjects his own comments and judgments, using his own Origami Darth Vader ("Darth Paper") to prove that Origami Yoda and Dwight have not done any good. Will the case file save Dwight or are he and Origami Yoda history?

This is a really quick read and a cute story. It takes place in a middle school and you can definitely hear the voice of the students. That said, there's not much depth or character development, but I don't think any of that's the point of the story. It's just a light, fun book with plenty of moments to chuckle. The pages also have little drawings around the edges which add to the story.

I enjoyed this book. Then again, I'm also a Star Wars fan so I don't know how the average reader will feel about this book.

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