Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Son by Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry returns with the conclusion of the 1993award winningbook The Giver, it was time for this book to be published. In this book the story is told by a different point of view a young woman named Claire tells the story.
The story introduces Claire, a 14-yeard old, who lives in the oppresive community, were The Giver had taken place. In her twelve ceremony she was selected to be a vessel, she has no knowledge to want the selected job consists of. After a few days of living with the other vessels, Claire finally has an idea to want her responsabilities might be. In other words vessels is another word for birthmother,  Claire ends up giving birth. In the community the products, the newborns, are used as manufactured commodities and always having present that there should not be a relationship betweent the child and the mother. There were minor complications with the birth but most importantly the newborn and Claire were healthy. After of trying to send the child into the "right path" standards of the community  and with no successful outcomes the child must be released.
 Then the story has and unexpected twist, and goes into a whole different direction that the reader did not see coming. Claire was able to have a connection with the product, her newborn, which was not supposed to happend she is able to feel: love, human connection and how sometimes evil is able to make the human reflect . Claire is able to escape, she learns that there is life out there with actual emotions and meaning to life, and that life is beautiful.
Now her journey starts she must go in search of her child, but where to look. Elsewhere exists but she is not sure how to confronted. The protagonist, Jonas, from The Giver plays an essential role in this book.
After reading the book the reader will understand the connection between the books, and how self-discovery is essential in life. The book is a great read because it has unexpected twists and simply because of the fact that Lois Lowry did such a great job having a wonderful ending to the story of this quartet of books.

RPA 10/30/12

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