Tuesday, September 18, 2012

La Probabilidad Estadistica del Amor a Primera Vista - Jennifer E. Smith

Haley Sullivan, una chica de dicisiete aƱos, esta esperando el siguiente avion para Londres, ya que a perdido su vuelo original. No esta de acuerdo de hacer este viaje pero su mama lo a casi decidido por ella. Haley a pasado por un periodo de estres ya que su padres se han divorciado y ahora ella esta haciendo este viaje para ir a la boda de su padre con su futura esposa, Charlotte. Haley se imagina lo peor de Charlotte, no la conose, ya que como pudo haber aceptado matrimonio de un tipo casado y con hija. Su padre fue a vivir a Londres por trabajo, es professor universitario, de un dia para otro, Haley se entera de su futuro matrimonio.
Durante su espera en el aeropuerto Haley conose a un chico, Oliver, este se le hacerca porque observo que Haley necesitaba ayuda. Despues de varios eventos estos deciden comer algo juntos, cuando es tiempo de abordar se dan cueta que estan asignados a sentarse en la misma fila ella en el 18A y el en el 18C. Al final se sientan juntos, durante el viaje se conosen mas, Oliver es originalmente de Londres y le cuenta todo sobre la cuidad, igual sobre su vida.
Cuando llegan a Londres Haley a quedado impactada por este chico, y ahora no puede creer que no lo volvera a ver.
Haley ahora no puede creer que ira un evento con el que no esta de acuerdo y no vera mas a este ser humano que la dejado flechada. Durande su estacia en Londres Haley se llega a dar cuenta que Charlotte no es la mujer por la que ella pensaba, y se muesta madura en reconoser que ahora de esta madera su padre es feliz y igual su madre con su nueva vida y amor actual. Pero no puede creer que no volvera a ver a Oliver.
Pero cosas del destino ocurre una serie de eventos y vulve a tropesarse con Oliver se da cuenta que es este a quien le debe todo su nuevo ver a la vida y no puede creer que todo esto haiga ocurrido en menos de veinticuatro horas!

En lo personal este libro me encanto y nos habre los hojos a nuevas posibilidades y nunca hablar antes de conoser a las personas. Y que el destino puede ser caprichoso y puede abrir muchas puertas a nuevos retos en esta vida.

LD/RPA 9/11/2012

The Rifle - Gary Paulsen

This book as the title says it is about a weapon, a rifle. Paulsen introduce us to Cornus McManus a gunsmith in the 1760's, very humble, very dedicated and in love with his fiancee. We learn about Cornus's life and what made him create such a tremendous gun. As the book moves along we follow the rifle's life trayectory. This book is a very short novel maybe around one-hundred pages but Paulsen did a wonderful job describing the weapon, describing the gunsmisth feeling towards the weapon. He goes into detail why the weapon is so unique, gives exact description about the accuracy of the gun.
Unfortunately Cornus had to sell his beloved  rifle in order to afford getting married. John Byam is the next owner and carries the weapon into battle with the redcoats. Then the gun is passed down to generations being lost in an attic for years then rediscovered and sold in an antique store. All in all Harv, a mechanic, is the actual onwer of the rifle. Is Christmas eve 1994, and Harv has placed the rifle in fire place mantel. He is poking the fireplace and a spark ignites the rifle making it go off. The bullet goes out the window and hits the neighbor, Richard, who is fixing a light on the Christmas tree.

Personally I really like the book, to me was all about timing of life. How events occur because life, karma or whatever the individual believes in, has already been  placed there for a certain cause.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

The Book of Tomorrow is an adult novel with young adult appeal given the teenage narrator. While the book starts out slow, eventually a mystery develops and sucks you in.

Tamara's life is turned upside down when her father commits suicide. Now she and her mother have lost everything and have to leave Dublin and head to the country to live with her odd aunt and uncle. Tamara is bored and sulky but eventually meets a traveling library where she discovers an odd locked book. When she finally opens it, she discovers that it's a blank diary. Deciding to finally write in it, she opens the book again and sees that she has already written in it - which is impossible. This diary seems to tell her what is going to happen tomorrow. When what is written actually comes true, Tamara uses it to her advantage to try and change the things she doesn't want to happen. In the meantime, her mother is withering away under a depression that Tamara doesn't feel is right and is desperate to help despite the opposition from her aunt. And her intrigue in some castle ruins leads to a mystery that will blow her mind even more so than a diary that can tell the future.

I struggled to get into this novel because at first it didn't read like a story in the sense that Tamara was telling me everything I needed to know before the story really felt like it started. Once things got going, though, and you were living in the moment with the narrator, things got more interesting. Slowly the mystery started to develop and suspicions began that became really interesting. Even without the diary predicting the future, it's a good story as Tamara's curiosity leads her to discover new things about the people and the world around her. It was nice to see her character change and develop into a better person because she was somewhat of a brat at the beginning. She's not perfect come the end, but definitely more likable.

This book is worth sticking out the slow beginning. I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought I would.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

Adult author Jodi Picoult enters the world of Young Adult literature with a novel that she wrote with her daughter. It is completely different than what the author has written before but is just as enjoyable.
This novel starts in the fairy tale world of a book called Between the Lines, about a young prince who goes on a journey to rescue a princess. In the next chapter, however, you learn that the world inside the fairy tale is real and all of the characters are actors forced to repeat the story every time the book opens. The Prince, Oliver, is desperate to escape the world he feels trapped inside. On the outside world is the reader Delilah, who has fallen in love with a book because she feels connected to Oliver. One day she notices something different in the illustration and suddenly Oliver is communicating with Delilah. Together they try to come up with a plan to help Oliver escape from the book so that they can be together. Will it work? Or will Oliver be forced to live his life on repeat.
This is a unique and clever story that was enjoyable to read. It was nicely paced with a steady roller coaster of hope and then let down as the pair came up with plan after plan. I liked the illustrations throughout the story and how it intermingled the fairy tale with the current story of Oliver and Delilah. It was also nice to have different chapters from the two different points of view. My only complaint is that I'm a little confused on how it all works out in the end. I wish it was explained a little bit more and that we got to see more clearly how all of the pieces fit together. Otherwise it was a really enjoyable book.
I've been a fan of Jodi Picoult for a long time and this book was a nice change. Although it does not sound like her other books, that gives it an authentic feel that she really did write this with her daughter. It was a great story and well worth the read, especially if you ever considered what happens to the characters of your favorite book when you read the last page.