Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bronte Sisters: The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily , and Anne

For some time now, I have been  interested in reading the published works by the Bronte sisters, but in all honesty I do not know any background information about the sisters. So I came across this book that just got published in 2012 and in very simple terms explains their lifes. It goes into detail about each sister's life and their difficulties each encoutner trying to successed. I personally was not aware that the sisters had two older sisters that died at a very young age due to tuberculosis and a brother who was unsure what do to with his life.
 On the other hand we had the sisters, who knew their passion was writing, but they came across with many males that did not believed in their work or judge them because they were females.
Cathorine Reef, the author, knew exactly what she wanted in this book in order to get the readers attention, I really enjoy this book because it is appropriate for the audience that is being targeted to and by reading this book, reading the Bronte sister's work can make a little bit more sense.

RPA 2/7/13

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