Saturday, June 01, 2013

My Summer of Pink & Green By: Lisa Greenwald

Lucy Desberg cannot wait for summer, Claudia, Lucy's sister is coming home from college. Construction has started on the eco-spa that Lucy developed with the help of a grant and was able to help save her family's pharmacy.

But nothing is going as plan when Lucy's sister comes home for the summer she brings her boyfriend, Bean and the eco-spa construction is harder than they thought.

Lucy's BFF, Sunny, has a new boyfriend, and Sunny is spending more time with him. Lucy feels left out!  Lucy's feels uncomfortable spending time with Yasmir, Sunny's brother, she does not know if Yasmir likes her or if Lucy's likes Yasmir!!!  

Gary the major spa investor decides to hire a consultant with the construction and the grand opening, therefore Lucy feels that she is not needed in the planning or anything. Along with Gary is his daughter that is nothing like Lucy and she wants to be friends with Lucy but Lucy does not like this idea, better yet Lucy does not like anything the way everything is going on.

Lucy just wants to find out the solutions to her life and family's business.

This novel demonstrates will power and not giving up because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 


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