Thursday, July 18, 2013

Are you Alice? By Ninomiya Ai

We all know and heard about Alice in Wonderland. However this book gives a new twist to the usual story we all were use to.

A boy wonders into Wonderland by accident. To his surprise he is given the name of Alice by the Queen of hearts. Even though he still refuses to take the name, it matters not for the habitants of Wonderland. Holding the name of Alice qualifies him for the game of Kill the White Rabbit. A game he refuses to take part of. However due to his circumstances and the fact that he still holds the name of Alice he has no other choice but to participate in the game if he ever wants to get out of Wonderland.

We will see familiar characters in this story but a bit difference from the ones we have known. Artist Katagiri Ikumi gives a different aspect to the characters in the story, as well as very detailed backgrounds. Lovely art in general.

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