Monday, September 09, 2013

Letters To Nowhere
An Adoption Story
By:  Anthony Wallace

This is the story of Anthony Wallace who was given up for adoption. Jean his birth mother wanted to keep him, but it was 1965 and girls did not have babies out of wedlock.  Her family sent her away to have the baby and give it up for adoption. When she returned back home she was told never to tell anyone about her pregnancy and that it would be best if she never thought about what she had done.  As much as she tried she was unable to forget about her baby who she named Anthony.  She felt the need to honor his birth, so every year on his birthday she would send a birthday card addressed  to Anthony and mail it. It didn't matter that the cards just sat in the " dead mail" bin at the post office.

The family that adopted Anthony told him that he had been adopted but there was never to be any discussion about his birth mother. Anthony secretly thought about his birth mother often and especially on his birthday each year.  Anthony had a brother who was also adopted. The Grady's tried to provide a loving family environment  for Anthony and his brother.  James Grady traveled a great deal for his job and the boys were raised mostly by their mother Anne.  When their dad returned from  his long trips the boys were told not to bother their father that he needed time alone to unwind, so the boys would avoid him as much as they could.  As the boys got older their relationship with their father became verbally and sometimes physically abusive.  Their mother always sided with their father to keep him happy even though she knew it wasn't fair for the boys. Both boys eventually  moved out and had little contact with their parents.

Anthony met the love of his life and eventually his wife while he was in college, Jane came from a close loving family that Anthony couldn't get enough of.  The two were married and Jane  always encouraged Anthony to keep in contact with his adoptive parents. When he tried, their conversations always ended  badly.   When Anthony and Jane decided that they would to try to have children Jane encouraged Anthony to contact the adoption agency that handled his adoption to try to get any medical information that they may have on his biological parents before they started their family.  This lead to Anthony finding out that his birth mother had tried to find him, and since Anthony expressed his desire to contact her, the adoption agency was able to provide him with his birth mothers phone number. Anthony called Jean and was invited to her house for dinner.  From the moment Anthony met his birth mother, two half brothers and sister he felt as if had found a missing piece of himself that he hadn't realized he had been searching for. Anthony and Jane were welcomed into Jean's family and Anthony keeps in touch with his new found brothers on a daily basis. 

Anthony still contacts his adoptive parents as he feels grateful that they tried to provide for him and his brother the best way they knew how.  He has never told them that he has found his birth mother.       

This is an inspirational book encouraging anyone who is looking for their birth parents, or birth parents looking for a child they placed for adoption never to give up as "you never know what life has in store for you."


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