Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Fugitive X - Gregg Rosenblum

Nick, Kevin, and Cass have escaped a City where they tried to rescue their biological parents.  They head into the woods where they are barely surviving.  As Kevin goes in search of water he encounters bots and is captured. Cass and Nick hear his cry for help and try and find him.  Cass is severely injured, and the only way for her to survive is to be taken by the bots.  After Cass is taken Nick continues searching for Kevin.  Nick encounters Erica in the woods and she agrees to help him look for Kevin.  On an island sanctuary run by The Governor, Kevin is interrogated and then joins in the workforce of the island.  Nick and Erica find the Freepost where they got word of two brothers and a sister would be coming.  Cass has been healed, re-educated, and will be placed with her biological parents and her sister.  The bots attack and the Freepost is destroyed.  Nick and Erica continue through the woods till they encounter rebels and join them to fight the bots.  Back on the island Kevin is first put on wall duty to help construct the wall around the island.  When he shows his engineering background The Governor puts him to work on fixing things.  Back in the rebel camp Nick and Erica are washing dishes when Nick hears about half the camp heading north to get refugees.  Nick insists on going hoping Kevin might be among them.  When they encounter the refugees Lexi and Farryn recognize Nick and ask where Kevin and Cass are.  In the city Cass is taken away from her parents and younger sister by order of the Senior Advisor.  She is left outside the city in the woods, and told to wait until she is collected.  On the island Kevin feels something isn't right there and makes an unscheduled visit to The Governor.  The Governor reveals he is Dr. Winston, the creator of the robots who rebelled against the humans.  Back in the rebel camp Nick, Erica, Lexi, and Farryn escape to search for Cass after seeing a bot vid that was broadcast earlier in the day.  They find Cass in the woods, but she has no clue who they are.  Back on the island Kevin tries to escape but is unsuccessful.  The Governor is not happy with Kevin, but he will let the escape attempt slide for now.  With Cass and Nick somewhat reunited will they be able to find Kevin, and rescue their parents while trying to survive against the bots?

The sequel to Revolution 19 was a good continuation of the story.  I liked how each chapter was focused on either Nick, Kevin, or Cass after they got separated in the woods.  I also liked how Rosenblum brought everything together in the end.  There is still that air of mystery surrounding the Senior Advisor and it's hand in all of this.  This is book two of the trilogy and I'll be waiting for the third book to come out to see how the story ends.

T.B. 2/5/14

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