Monday, March 09, 2015

Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black

What I found interesting about, Dance of Shadows, and what is about, it shined a light about what being in ballet is about. Even though there are supernatural parts in the book that do not have to do with anything with ballet. However, the main story of the book is about a younger sister that is on a journey to find her lost sister after she disappeared from the NYBA, New York Ballet Academy. Contrary to belief, it was not as simple as running away. what she finds will unveil a dark and twisted past of the school.Though this book is a supernatural/ballet book, there is too much of a gap in the middle that is just ballet, yet it kinda compromises by a mystery that has been going on for of the main things that is interesting is all the twist this book takes, and especially at the end when something you did not. If you like reading about semi real life events, or you are a fan of dancing in general i suggest you pick up this book. Or you may be a sucker for a good mystery book by my standards. Though, if you want a book to just read for downtime, this book should do just fine.

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