Saturday, February 13, 2016

Complicit by Kuehn

Crazy Cate Henry is out of jail after serving time for burning down a barn that killed several horses and severely injuring a classmate.  She is trying to contact her brother and tell him the truth of what happened. Jamie is avoinding her, convinced she is a seriously crazy dangerous person.  He is in therapy for a variety of anxiety related problems.  He and his sister were adopted after his mother died, horribly.  There is something that he should know but doesn't. Is his sister really the manipulative witch folks say she is or is she protecting him.  All the while his sister is seeking him and he is avoiding, he is carrying on a relationship with a classmate named Jenny and it is going well, but what if she does something to upset Jamie - what will happen then?  All one can do is read this twisted story and find out all the truth within.  It is a fairly riviting read once one gets caught up in it.
It is a look at mental illness from a different angle than I have seen before.  Recommended
jdw 2/13/16

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