Monday, June 06, 2016

Some Kind of Happiness by Claire Legrand

Finley is sad.  Its not just that her parents might be divorcing.  Its not just being sent to spend summer with grandparents she doesn't know.  She escapes into a world part real part fantasy she calls Everwood, especially  on her blue days when life feels overwhelming.  A burned out house, forbidden neighbor boys, cousins she didn't know she had all become a part of her Everwood.  Secrets of what caused her father to become estranged from his family emerge. Near tragedy and the seeming end of Everwood eventually cause Finley to face her sadness and seek help.  Finley did have some kind of happiness when telling stories/living in Everwood.  In the end readers will be hopeful that the happiness she found in Everwood will extend into her every day life and become brighter.  This is a decent middle school novel, I recommend.

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