Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alichino vol. 1 by Shurei

In this manga from Tokyopop we meet Tsugiri and shape changers known as Alichino. Alichino are drawn to humans by their intense suffering. They have the power to grant sufferers their greatest wishes and end the suffering. But their goodness is all an illusion for payment is the loss of the human soul to feed the Alichino power. Only a kusabi with a completely pure soul can stop an Alichino but if an Alichino devours his soul first its the ULTIMATE way to enhance his own powers and they will kill any human in their way. Tsugiri is kusabi. Long protected by others who cherish his goodness, he grew up while most kusabi never make it to adulthood. Now he must deal with who and what he is, and the deaths caused by his living. Pretty illustrations, confusing story so far. We have vol. 2 as well.
jdw 1/11/06

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