Monday, January 16, 2006

Come Back to Afghanistan By:Said Hyder Akbar

Someone has commented that this novel is our passport to the battle for for the soul of Afghanistan . The author of the book travels, leaving the comforts of home, which is California; venturing where few dare to go on a trip. This novel offers profound truths about U.S. policy in the Middle East.

This book deals with post taliban government. Later on, the author's father of the book becomes governor of a province that borders on Pakistan. Tonight as I watch CNN live, I feel I was actually living over again this novel. We see live shots of Afghanistan, and bombed out buildings. I learned that hospitality is a big culture tradition in Afghanistan.

No wonder the U.S. cannot catch Al Qaeda in Afghanistan . The country is called the graveyard of empires; there's no way anyone could conquer the areas that are so rugged, and very dry.

This book is so interesting, and true to today's politics it makes you wonder why we as U.S. supporters we didnot pay attention sooner to Afghanistan needs.

This book is an excellent read.

LRD 1/16/06

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