Friday, April 27, 2007

An abundance of katherines by John Green

This is Green's second book to gain recognition. Collin, child prodigy, clueless socially has dated 19 Katherines since 4th grade. He thought the last was the real deal, but she dumped him as she headed off to college. He has a close friend Hassan, also a misfit, who drags him on a road trip to help Collin recover from being dumped yet again. Lest you think 19 girls in nine years is not possible, think again. If you think 19 named Katherine is impossible, I just met a guy who dated 6 linda's in four years! While on the trip Collin tries to work out a theorem that will tell him whether he will be a dumpee or the dumper next time and how soon. The guys stop at a small Tennessee town and are hired to help with a local history project. The rest is history and its a good one including romance for both guys, and a wild pig hunt. Readers of Sleeping Freshmen, Saving Francesca are sure to like it.

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