Friday, April 06, 2007

Breath by Penni Russon

It has been 6 months since Undine has discovered that she has magical powers and also met her biological father Prospero. At the begining of her last year of school, she has a great boyfriend and is very happy with her life. A few weeks into the school year Undine receives a letter from her father to have her come visit her. At first Lou, Undine's mother, doesn't want to go, but Undine convicences her to let Undine go. As the day draws near Lou decides that it will be good for the whole family to go to Greece. While they are in Greece, Undines neighbor Trout agrees to watch their house. He was almost killed 6 months ago, but Undine saved him. He also loves her, but she doesn't love him back. A few days before Undine's family leaves he meets Max, the person he chatted with six months ago about Undine's magic ability. She convinces him that she needs to find Undine, and also her magic. They go to Greece and Max dives into the ocean and finds the magic, but when she touches it she is also hurting Undine. Trout rescues Max, and at the same time gets told that his father has had a heart attack. He goes to visit his father and then Max who tells him that she has given up searching for the magic.
I enjoyed this book and its a nice sequel to Undine. It does leave you hanging at the end and I hope there is a third book soon.

T.B. 4/6/07

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