Friday, August 24, 2007

Defect - Will Weaver

David was born with bug eyes, pointed ears, and he hears everything. He hears so much that he's got to wear hearing aids to keep the noise out. The most peculiar thing about him is that he has these skin flaps under his arms which fold out into wings. He lives with his foster parents in Minnesota and attends public school. David is teased on a daily basis. It gets so bad that the principal decides that David is a distraction and sends him to an alternative school. When he gets there he meets Cheetah, who has epilepsy. As their relationship grows he slowly reveals things to Cheetah. One night he goes flying and he crashes. The paramedics take him to the hospital, but he escapes. His foster parents take him back and then they find out what he really is. David is reunited with one of the doctors who examined him after his birth, and the doctor convinces him to go through surgery to make him look normal. While he is at the hospital waiting for the surgery, David runs into Brandon, a child who is dying from bone cancer. After hearing his dying wish David decides to show him who he is. When David flies for Brandon, all of the other kids see him. He then learns that Brandon died overnight, and decides not to go through with the operation and reveal himself to the world.

T.B. 8/24/07

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