Saturday, August 25, 2007

They Came from Below by Blake Nelson

During the summer Emily heads to Cape Cod to stay with her father and hang out with her best friend Reese. She and her friend fill their days with $2.99 pizza specials, spending time at the beach looking for cute guys, and avoiding Harold and Carl - a few locals who enjoy tormenting the tourist. This summer looks like it'll be the one when the two girls actually manage to wrangle the affection of two attractive Australians, Nick and Justin. Just as things start to get interesting, a giant blob shows up on the beach and two men arrive who stir things up just a little bit more. "Dave" and "Steve" are a little eccentric but a simple touch gives Reese and Emily a warm and fuzzy feeling and wildly happy dreams. Soon it's revealed the "Dave" and "Steve" are aliens from the ocean fearing for the planet after nuclear missile was lost at sea. They need to rescue their blob friend - who'd been taken by the government - or who knows what the consequences will be...With the help of Emily, Reese, Emily's dad, Nick, his sister Sheila, and even Harold and Carl, these aliens just might save the day. Save the Blob...Save the World!

This is an enjoyable story with fun characters. I'm not big into aliens, but this was a nice read. It had humor, action, a little bit of romance (tiny bit), and even some mystery. Fun for all, right? However, this novel (according to the front flap) is supposed to offer "a gentle appreciation for the delicate balance of Earth's environment." It seemed, though, to fall a little flat in that aspect. Sure there was this whole thing about who the ocean aliens could communicate with nature but I was a little unclear about why the world or oceans would be destroyed if the blob wasn't rescued. And come the end of the story it didn't seem as much had been done to help the environment. The last chapter even ends with a revelation that leaves you think "Hmm, what's up with that?" Maybe the whole "alien" subject made it a little less believable. Don't get me wrong, though, this was a really amusing story, but advocate-wise it fell a little short.

When you read this novel (it is a fun book so give it a shot) don't finish it expecting to go out and save the environment. Just look at it as a cute story with environmental undertones.

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