Monday, November 19, 2007

Red Glass By Laura Resau

I appreciate this novel very much, and the content portrayed throoughout this story. It seems very real, and true takin g place in Cenral America, the land I grew up in.

This story probably took place in the lives of many indigenous people. Our story has main characters Dika, Pablo, Mr. Lorenzo, Angel, and Sophie. By the spelling of Dika, you might guess she is a Bosnian refugee in the United States. Pablo was a young orphan who actually saw his parents killed in front of him. This occured in his village. Sophie was called to the Hospital, since Pablo had a business card of Sophie's Stepfather. Pablo was dehydrated, and was being treated in the Hospital. Pablo (6 yrs old) was crossing the border from Mexico to Arizona with 7 other Mexicans. When immigrants come from the South into United States they have a guide called "coyote" Pablo was the only survivor in the grooup.

Throughout the novel you find out that many people are superstituous amongst the Mayan society or more specific the Mexican people. Sophie travels on a local bus by herself that almost turns into a nightmare. She finds herself in many adventures that luckily work out. She falls heads over heals with Angel, which does not surprise me.

Mr. Lorenzo and Dika were lovers, and end up getting married towards the end of the novel.

This novel is super interesting with many eventstaking place. You must keep track of what is going on or the reader will be lost. The book is a great read.

LRD 11/19/07

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