Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MacGregor Tells The World - Elizabeth McKenzie

When MacGregor West shows up at a house in California he doesn't know what to expect. He is there because he's trying to find out about his mother, who passed away when he was age 9. All he has to go on are letters his aunt gave him from this address. When he gets there he meets Carolyn and her sisters. After a dinner of pizza Carolyn and MacGregor talk about why he is really here, and that's when Mac finds out that her father is the famous author Charles Ware. Carolyn thinks he's there just to meet him, but after some convincing Mac tells her that he's there to ask how and if Charles Ware knew his mother. Mac and Carolyn start going out together and he is sucked into the world of Ware, where people say one thing to you but mean something totaly different. Eventually there is a confrontation between Charles Ware and Mac where he asks if Charles knew Mac's mother. Charles did know her and Mac's father too, who might still be alive. This leads Mac to search for his father and he does find him. Through all of this Mac and Carolyn's relationship begins to crumble as she gets ready to move to New York with her sister and his search for his father consumes him. They break up and he writes her a few letters but doesn't get a response.

Overall I enjoyed this book better than McKenzie's other book Stop that Girl. That one seemed fragmented and didn't have much of a plot resolution. This one on the other hand flowed better and had resolution in the end. I did like how Mac got sucked into the society of the rich and he wasn't fooled by what they were saying. He kept true to himself and searched for the answers he was looking for and didn't let the lure of being rich corrupt him.

T.B. 2/12/08

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