Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When The Black Girl Sings By: Bil Wright

Lahni was the only black girl at an all white prep school, and this novel tells the story. The School is called Darby School in Conn. There was another student who was Korean.

The next event was that Lahni, and her Mother went to Church. All this time, the music teacher at School Mr. Farringhelli wanted Lahni to enter a Music competition with her singing ability. After much practice, and effort Lahni does well in the Music contest, and places first. She uses as her accompanist her Choir Director from Church.

In the long run, Lahni adjusts to the Prep School, and makes good grades. The parent's of Lahni become divorced, and live in separate houses. It makes Lahni very unstable, and torn between her Mother, and Dad.

The ending of the novel is so happy that you must read this novel.

LRD 2/13/08

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