Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lily Dale Awakening - Wendy Corsi Staub

Calla was all set to spend part of her summer in California with her mom and dad at a beach house, but all that has changed when her mother dies in what seems to be one of those random house accidents. It is decided that she will go and spend the rest of the summer with her grandmother in Lily Dale. Lily Dale is a town of psychics, which includes Calla's grandmother. People come from near and far to see if they can contact family members who have passed on. From her first steps in Lily Dale she sees spirits on a daily basis. She also has a recurring dream about dredging the lake to find the truth, which she has no clue what it means. She is seeing the ghost of a girl who was kidnapped six months ago and whose mother came to Lily Dale to see if someone could make contact with her. Calla figures out where the girl ended up dead and helps the girl's mother find peace.

This book was o.k., and it did hold my interest. It seemed to be more of an expository book to introduce the setting and place of the series. I would have liked more of plot in the book. I hope the next book is more plot driven than expository.

T.B. 10-14-08

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