Monday, February 09, 2009

My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison

The thought of a Fairy Godmother to grant you three wishes sounds like a dream come true. When she turns out to be only a fair or mediocre godmother, well, things don't turn out quite like you want. That's the situation Savannah finds herself in and the results are very enjoyable.

It all begins when Savannah's sister Jane "steals" her boyfriend Hunter. In search for a new date to prom, Savannah finds out that she has a fair godmother who can help with this task. Chrissy, her fairy godmother in training, takes on this job as an extra credit assignment to raise her grade in fairy school. It becomes apparent that the one reason Chrissy is only graded at "fair" is because she misinterprets wishes and jumps to conclusions. In an effort to find a "prince" to take Savannah to prom, Chrissy sends her to the Middle Ages first as Cinderella and then as Snow White. Savannah finds herself trapped there for weeks because Chrissy is busy shopping and partying. Thankfully weeks in the Middle Ages is only hours in modern times, but that doesn't prevent Savannah from realizing what a grueling life it was back then. Thinking she has her wish figured out the third time around, Savannah learns that her prospective prom date, Tristan, has been sent to the Middle Ages to earn the title of a prince to satisfy all aspects of Savannah's wish. Desperate to save him and make things right, Savannah heads back in time to save the day.

This novel is cute and quirky. For the most part it takes place in the Middle Ages/fairy tale time, with prince and princesses, dragons, ogres, and dark knights bent on revenge. Reminiscent of A Kid in King Arthur's Court this novel adds a dash of the 21st century as Savannah comes prepared for her trip to save Tristan with such modern amenities like shampoo and a flashlight and more advanced knowledge like how to make a bomb. The novel also has plenty of chuckles with such characters as a leprechaun, Memoir Elves, and a wizard's apprentice turned into a goat. The novel also has plenty of plot and twists as Savannah not only tries to make Tristan a knight, but also tries to solve the mystery of the Black Knight. Everything in this novel worked together to create a wonderful reading experience.

Anyone who dreams of a fairy tale ending should pick up this book to realize that fairy tales aren't as easy as they look, especially when given a fair godmother. Fans of the classic fairy tales will enjoy this book as it gives a hearty helping of the classic elements with just a dash of modern appeal. This book is definitely worth the time.

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