Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Undone - Brooke Taylor

Kori and Serena met one day in 8th grade in the girls bathroom, and on that day became friends. They have the same hair, the same bright blue eyes and could pass as sisters. Kori has always been the more out going of the two, while Serena tends to be in the background and not want the spotlight. On the first day of school their social psychology teacher, Dr. Ramsey, tells them to write down 5 things that would not happen to them during the term. A few days later Doc has the class decorate bags of flour to carry around with them and treat them like babies. That night Kori, Serena, and the rest of their friends go to a party. Kori goes off on her own, and Serena goes off with Anthony. The next day when she gets to school she could tell that something wasn't right. There's an accident by the school and Kori's car was involved. She doesn't make it. Serena refuses to believe that Kori is dead and that Kori will pop up somewhere alive and well. After the funeral Serena finds Kori's 5 things list and she sets out to complete what Kori can't do anymore, and figure out what Kori meant by "confront D" and "tell Serena". As Serena uncovers the mysteries of Kori's past she uncovers the truth about why she hasn't had a father around for the last 15 years, and why her mother has avoided the subject.

T.B. 2/3/09

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