Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fringe Benefits By: Valerie Frankel

I picked up this book, because I thought it related a bit to my teen life many years ago, when I lived in a bathing suit after school. I was on my high school swimming team. Little did I realize that the book's main character Adora Benet had to stay in Brooklyn, New York to work for a change. Adora was a teen who went to Europe on her summer vacations, and attended exclusive camps.
This novel is a must read if you have a sister in your family. The story is funny, and also keeps you on your toes constantly. This is the summer when Dora has to learn the true meaning of a dollar.
Fortunately, for Dora the working girl, there are fringe benefits that come with a job. For instance, with Dora there were older friends who know how to party, and have fun !
One example, was Dora made friends with a Veterinarian, who was a hot number. He the Vet, Zack gave a cat called Peaches, and said the cat may die in a few days. Dora was very fond of Peaches, and her home to stay in Dora's house, and keep her company. Remember, Dora was alone while her parent's were on holiday. The cat cat died much later than Zack diagnosed. I liked the novel, and it is a good read. I recommend the novel to any teen.
LRD 1/31/09

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