Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Road of Bones By:Anne Fine

This novel is a fiction book, but to my personal knowledge could be a true story. Many parts,
or sections of the novel go along with Historical facts. This novel takes place during political problems in Germany . The main character of the novel is Yuri. Yuri is a young boy frustrated with his personal surroundings.
Yuri is trained to be a lumber jack, trained by his father. He lives in a log cabin house with his family. Yuri is an only child who is a bright young boy. He attends school till he is 8 years old. He is an independent operator, and knows what he wants in life. Yuri is very determined as to what his goals are in life will be. Yuri plans his life ahead One night without knowledge of his parents he escapes into the woods, and starts walking. He meets up with two other men, who were older than Yuri. Yuri dropped some words that were offensive to the German Government. The Germans had a dictator called Hitler. Yuri is on the run, because he is known by the government as an enemy to the State.
Now we see Yuri taking his life on a road of despair , which is built on other people who also dared to resist.
In the novel , we encounter tragedies, & definite hardships. For example, famine, lack of hygiene, & harsh conditions confronted constantly. Yuri made it with lots of faith, & courage. The novel is great, but makes you think of the freedoms
we have in the U.S. A.
LRD 1/4/09

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