Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Zombie Blondes - Brian James

Hannah and her dad have moved from place to place not staying in any one place for to long. When they arrive in Maplecrest Hannah feels that something is wrong when she sees all of the for sale signs on the lawns of a lot of the houses. When she heads to school the next day she notices something really strange about the cheerleaders and the jocks. The cheerleaders are just to perfect with their skinny bodies, blue eyes, and bright blonde hair. The jocks have the same blonde hair and blue eyes too. They all are a lot stronger than they appear as Hannah sees at a football game Lukas takes her to. Lukas tries to warn her to stay away from the cheerleaders because they are zombies. He knows that the whole town is zombies, and people who know the truth don't talk about it. Eventually Hannah becomes a cheerleader and popluar. Lukas continues to warn her not to become a zombie, because she will forget her old life. It isn't until she's tied down by the zombie cheerleaders that she realizes she doesn't want to become like them. They both escape and kill the zombies, but one of them doesn't make it.

I liked the book and it did read like a zombie movie at times. I did like the fact that the zombies needed the blood of the regular people to maintain their beautiful "human" bodies. That's something that you don't see or hear about in anything zombie. Basically if your bit you turn into a zombie, or someone kills you after you have been bitten so you won't turn them into zombies.

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