Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Caught Between The Pages - Marlene Carvell

PJ Barnes always late for class, doesn't do his homework at all, and is on the soccer team. He thought that being on the soccer team would help his poplularity, but to the rest of the team he's just a loser who happened to make it on the team. He's late to soccer practice because Mrs. Jordan, his English teacher, keeps him after school to make up the work he's missed. Then one day her journal accidently is given to him with other homework papers. At first he doesn't want to read it, but then curiosity gets the best of him and he reads it. Back at school Larry and Mike, known troublemakers, as PJ to deliver a message to Brian saying that they want their money or PJ will tell the coach that Brian is on steroids. Between Mrs. Jordan accusing him of taking her journal, getting picked on by his soccer buddies, and with Larry and Mike pestering him his mom is involved in a car accident in town. While she's in the hospital PJ has a big soccer game, and the star player Brian misses it and everyone wants to know where he is. It turns out that Brian had a breakdown, and went to the hospital after he broke his hand. After a confrontation with Brian PJ decides to return Mrs. Jordan's journal and start becoming a better student.

A quick book that resonnates the adage keep your friends close and your enemies closer. PJ is in a position where he's part of a team, but when most of the team thinks your a loser then it's easier to be associated with the less poplular kids at school.

T.B. 1/7/09

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