Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feathered - Laura Kasischke

Spring Break is supposed to be a time to have fun, cut loose, enjoy yourself. For Michelle, Anne, and Teri their Spring Break is everything else but fun. After they arrive in the Yucatan Teri goes and finds boys to hang out with, while Michelle and Anne hang out at the beach. Later that day Michelle starts talking with the bartender who happens to be going to the Mayan Ruins and offers them a ride. Anne doesn't think it's a good idea, but decides to go along anyway. The next day while Michelle and Ander explore the ruins Anne waits for them and runs into a group of boys who say that they know Teri. Anne convinces Michelle to leave with the boys, but all they wanted was to drug them and have sex with them. They leave Anne on the side of the road, and she survives the night. The next day the police and Ander start searching for Michelle. Teri and Anne head back to Illinois to finish school and graduate. It isn't until 10 months later that Michelle is found alive, but has no memory of her friends and family.

A quick read that is all to real. We have all heard about girls on Spring Break who go missing and either are found dead, are still missing, or are alive but traumatized by the experience. So be cautious of people you meet in other countries because they may want more than just to get to know you.

T.B. 1/28/09

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