Sunday, January 04, 2009

Curse of the Pogo Stick By: Colin Cotterill

This novel is found in the adult mystery section of our library. It is a good teaching tool to learn about another culture and traditions of Laos, and Hmong villagers. After the first 80 pages of the book I was intrigued by every page. Everything happening in the novel was interesting, and new information for me to learn. Dr. Siri Pailboun, the main character in the novel, stands out to me. He is a coroner by profession in Laos. One day, Dr. Siri is kidnapped after his Communist Party meeting. Dr. Siri, is kidnapped by women (seven Hmong), who take him to their Shaman, who is 100 years old. He Veh Ming, wanted Dr. Siri to exorcise the devil that appears to possess his daughter . The Shaman believes the daughter was possessed by an object on his altar. On the altar is a pogo stick . Dr. Siri has to pretend to be a Shaman, which he does a good job.There are a lot other incidents in the novel that I could write about, but one needs to read the book.
One special event is that Dr. Siri marries Madame Daerig. This novel is a good read, and appropriate for 11&12 grades, who enjoy learning about other countries traditions.
LD 1/4/09

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