Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kiss of Life - Daniel Waters

* Spoiler Warning - Events that take place at the end of Generation Dead will be talked about. So if you don't want to be spoiled stop reading at the end of this sentence.*

After Adam is shot and comes back to life, Phoebe is over at his house each day to take care of him. Adam's mother, father, and brother deal with his differently biotic state in their own way. Phoebe, Marci, Collette, and other differently biotic kids are continuing their Undead studies class along with doing work study hours at the Hunter Foundation. Pete, the person who shot Adam, is doing his community service at Hunter, which makes everyone in the Undead studies group uncomfortable when he's around. Tommy, who Phoebe dated in Generation Dead, tells the group one day that he is leaving and heading to Washington D.C. to get rights for the differently biotic. After Tommy leaves things start to spiral out of control. A group of humans (Pete included) who think that the dead should stay dead, wear zombie masks and dig up graves to make it look like the zombies are recruiting. They then make it look like zombies killed a defense lawyer and his family whose clients are differently biotic. This leads to martial law being declared on the differently biotic and in the schools they are separated from their human classmates. With all the rest of the zombies having been either been killed, imprisoned, or left Oakton what does that mean for the few who remain?

T.B. 7/12/09

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