Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Revenge of the Cheerleaders by Rallison

Rallison has been a popular author here so I decided to find out why. Its a quick read, there is lots of boy/girl action and a bit of a crisis and resolution. Seems that goth boy Rick has it in for the school's cheerleaders and uses his musical talent to embarrass the them any chance he gets. He is trying out for a talent show and Chelsea decides that she will also try out and win and show him a thing or two. Rick is dating Chelsea's goth like younger sister Adrian who is always in her talented sister's shadow. Chelsea meets and starts dating heart throb Tanner not knowing he is Rick's older brother and Tanner does not know that Adrian (who Rick's family disapproves of) is Chelsea's younger sister. When they all end up in the same place together and Rick and Chelsea are putting each other down big time Adrian does not understand that Chelsea is not interested in Rick and not stealing him from her. Just before the big tryouts beer is found in the gym bags of several of the cheerleaders thus eliminating them from cheer leading and from the tryouts. No one knows how it got there but Rick is suspect. Adrian vanishes and the other three join forces abandoning the tryouts to find Adrian. That's pretty much it. There isn't much depth here but I guess if the kids like Rallison so be it - their reading. JDW

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